What’s the big idea?

Gin. Gin lovers, some mixers, a fantastic venue, a few tasting notes (because then you can pretend it’s a gin education lol) and a jolly good excuse to drink up to 19 gins!

Nineteen gins you say? Isn’t that a bit dangerous?

Yes, that’s what we thought… so you taste quarter shots of each with mixers plus nibbles specially chosen to compliment gin and some carefully selected botanicals.

What gins will be included?

We’ve got a whole range; from some standard gins that you’ll find in most bars, to some weird and wonderful gins, to a couple of top quality gins that you won’t want to miss.

Is this a Gin Tasting event?

Sort of. We thought we’d make it a bit more fun and varied so you’ll also try a range of mixers from Fever Tree and Schweppes, some extra flavours and we have some little notes around where the gins come from. The main idea was to bring gin lovers (and wannabe gin lovers) together for a bit of a fun night